Write and Read registers of MAX2771 EV board using MAX32625 PICO board using SPI

Hello ,
I am using MAX2771EV board in my project. This board has MAX32625 PICO microcontroller interface. MAX2771 EV board has software application(GUI) from where I can configure the registers and use it. My task is create real time application which will configures the 32 bit registers of MAX2771.
My idea is to use SPI protocol and perform 32 bit SPI read and write transaction to configure MAX2771 registers. In this case MAX362 PICO will be master and MAX2771 will be slave.
I am beginner in the Mbed OS and I have following questions.

  1. When I check the data sheet of MAx2771 board I found that it has 3 wire SPI interface. So how should I use MAX32625 PICO to communicate with 3 wire SPI of MAX2771?
  2. Below image shows the timing diagram of SPI read and write transaction from MAX2771 data sheet. And all registers are 32 bit registers. When I checked the SPI API’s for Mbed then I found that they have used 8 bit and 4 wire. So How should use the API’s available for SPI transaction in my application.

I am not familiar with Mbed OS and how to write SPI application in Mbed platform. I would be very grateful if someone could help my project.

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It seems, Mbed not provide 3wire SPI (data over one wire), so you need to make your own solution via HAL drivers, probably.

In old questions I found this SPI Halfduplex MOSI (3-wire) read support question (STM32L4) - Question | Mbed

BR, Jan

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