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X-Nucleo-IDB05A1 problem

Hi, I am new to bluetooth low energy. I got an X-nucleo-IDB05A1 BLE expansion board connected to a Nucleo F103RB. I tried the BLE Heart Rate monitor example and a couple of other examples as well. I did’nt get any kind of output. The Android BlueNRG app does’nt detect the board upon scanning. I thought it was because I did not apply the HW patch mentioned in the board’s mbed page (Instead of using pin D13 , to drive the SPI clock, it uses pin D3 ). But even after I applied the patch I’m not getting any output. Please help. In the BLEHeart Rate monitor example, the terminal does not display the status of the Bluetooth stack

Hi Lingesh,

Did you add below into you mbed_app.json?

"NUCLEO_F103RB": {
    "target.features_add": ["BLE"],
    "target.extra_labels_add": ["CORDIO", "CORDIO_BLUENRG"]