Developing on a stm32wb55ceu6

Hey there,

I am quite new to this topic, so sorry if my question may sound stupid.

I am currently starting in developing a custom board (BLE sensor) which is advertising every ten minutes some data which can be fetched by home assistant to display it.

Now I have created my own small board featuring a stm32wb55ceu6 ic as microcontroller.

My journey now starts with actually developing the firmware and I stumbled upon mbed os which sounds quite promising.

I had a look in the stm ecosystem but I actually don’t really like the cube wb stuff as it is not that intuitive to use.

With mbed os my task seems to be a lot easier to fulfill.

So my question is: can someone help me out in adding a stm32wb55ceu6 as a board?
What I need to add and specially where I need to add?
I saw targets for some nucleo boards but they are not utilizing the microcontroller I need.

Any help / guide is highly appreciated :smiling_face:

Thank you


you need to find topics related to Custom targets or boards. However good start is a readme file in TARGET_STM folder section Custom boards.

Do not forget the official Mbed development was stopped and continue only as community fork MbedCE

BR, Jan

Actually, Mbed supports the NUCLEO_WB55RG board, which has a really similar processor to the stm32wb55ceu6. I actually have used this exact setup for a project in the past and it worked fine, so long as I made sure not to go over the smaller amount of memory available on the CEU6 chip. So you should be able to get away with building for the NUCLEO_WB55RG Mbed target.