Can I create the mbed 6LoWPAN gateway by K64F board?

Hi all,

I’m interesting in mesh network routing & mbed OS support mesh network library to do that, the guideline says that need a “mbed 6LoWPAN gateway” to connect with the test device which uses mbed OS.
So I want to know can I use K64F to create a gateway tool like 6LoWPAN gateway by using mbed OS & libraries?


The GitHub project “mbed-client-example-6lowpan” - indicates that there is an example code using K64F as gateway. See following:

But the link is not found, anybody know what happened? thank you very much!

Hello Karmas,

The GitHub project for FRDM-K64 Border Router mentioned in the Alternative section is missing.
Can you please provide the link to it?

THanks & BR,
Sagar kadam

Hi Sagar,

the message is record in mbed-client-example-6lowpan/ at master · ARMmbed/mbed-client-example-6lowpan · GitHub
in the “Setting up the environment” chapter.


Hi Sagar,

This is the link:
But it is not found on the GitHub.


Hi Karmas,

Thanks for the link.
I had clicked that link earlier as well. But the code is not available as of now.
Is there a way through which we can get it?
Do you have it by any chance, if yes, could you please share it?

Thanks & BR,
Sagar Kadam

The repo is there, but it’s private. Let me check why.


Do you know how to make this code support Thread instead of ND?

Please visit repository It is supporting Thread now.

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