A BLE related question

Noticed a recent change in the mbed-os-example-ble repo: main.cpp of the BLE_GattClient_CharacteristicWrite example contains #include "ble_app.h" and BLEApp _ble_app; for some days now.

However when i try to compile that example in Mbed Studio V1.4 those do not get recognized (same is true after upgrading to Mbed OS V6.10 rc1).

Can someone please explain if this is a sign of an upcoming change and if so what is going to change and to what extent?

Hi @projectX_V

Have you updated the libraries in the example ?
BLEApp has been added recently to GitHub - ARMmbed/mbed-os-ble-utils: mbed os BLE utilities used by ble examples .

Thanks for the answer. Gave it some more time settle and also read through the ble_app.h file.
In recent days it compiles fine on my computer.