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Accidentally deleted project


I got myself in a particularly desperate situation regarding the Mbed online compiler.

On April 24 I had an accident whilst using Mbed online compiler. I was writing a project for my university course and accidentally pressed the ‘Revision’ button. With no intention to use this tool/option I tried to back out and with my lack of attention I somehow managed to delete all content of the project.

This was completely my fault for not properly reading what I was promted. Is there any way to recover the project now? I have tried to contact, but have not received a response. I understand it might take some time to get to my query, but I want to maximise my chances of getting to the bottom of this as soon as possible, so I decided to ask this in the forum. Unfortunately, rewriting the project is not a plausible option for me anymore.

My apologies if I post this in the wrong place or ignored some formatting requirements!