My source code has been missing

I use online compiler. I modified my source code. and compiled it. But Internal error occurred. Then the content of the source file has been missing. a size of the file is 0.0KB.
Could you tell me how to recovery the missing source code?

The compiler is down at the moment.
If you ‘Committed’ your code then you should be able to get it back.
It may well come back when the problem is fixed.

Yep same problem here. It happened around 2.00a.m UK time.
Can’t clone the projects either.


We might be able to recover your source code, as we do keep backups. I will ask our engineering team to contact you on Monday.

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All builds are failing using the Online Compiler as of Friday night (UK time). We’re not likely to have it fixed until Monday unfortunately.

Apologies for the timing of this, and appreciate that it’s frustrating.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the information. I understood the situation.
I’ll wait for the recovery of Online Compiler.

I want to recover my source code too.


Please email and tell the team:

  • The name of the program that you lost
  • Your Mbed username
  • The approximate time you lost your program (so that they can find the closest backup).


Thank you for your support.
OK, I’ll email soon.

I just wanted to provide an update. If you have emailed with the details Joe has mentioned we have a backup from before this issue started that we will be able to restore. We’re currently working through the emails we’ve received and we will try to restore the most relevant backup of your project.


Hi, stevep. Do you have any idea how long it’ll take you guys to get through the emails? I haven’t been able to work on my project since Saturday due to having multiple empty files.