AD9106 interface with Stm32


I am working on STM32H7 .I want to interface the AD9106. I need its library function files in C code. Can you please help me.I get the c files from DevLibs/AD9106/UTILS_GECKO_UC at master · luk6xff/DevLibs · GitHub but I cant understand it because AD9106 have the function different,so unable to understand I am new learner of embedded so can you help me,

are you using Mbed for the software? With Mbed, there is a SPI class that can be used for the communication. The linked repo uses bit banging for SPI in softare, which is much slower compared to the hardware SPI units.

This is a lib for Mbed:


unfortunately, 16 bit SPI transfers with STM32 in mbed-os-6.15.0 are broken and a previous or newer, fixed version must be used.

I already check that but i want in c language.If any example is there can you share that please