AD9102 Board does not work with own SPI program

Dear community,
I use AD9102 Waveform Generator board from Analog Devices together with the SDP-K1 Board, like here on the page:
With the example program from Mbed in the same page under:
“Quick Start Guide”. I can start and it works well. I can get out signal form SAM interface on the AD9102 board.
But I want to use SPI port from AD9102 Board on “P4”, I use the trigger and reset signal as well in my SPI interface. But I can not get out any signal from the AD9102 board. I use the Mbed example program to create my own program. I see on the oscilloscope the signal to write, but the MISO signal is empty.
Can someone, tell me what I do wrong.
Best Regards,
Iordan Pentchev.


I don’t have this device and I am not sure I understand, but the example already uses the SPI (line 29 AD910x - Library files for EVAL-AD910x | Mbed).
However, it seems like you not use Chip Select which must be low throughout the transaction.

BR, Jan

Hello Jan, I am using another board to connect to AD9102 via SPI. Now I can read and write but only until 100 Elements in the SRAM. If the are more than 100 Elements, the return value is 0x0000.
Is there a better documentation for the AD9102 board.
To write or read from the SRAM AD9102 the following registers have to be configured.
0x0027 = 0x0030 , DAC output , read wavweform between start and stop addr.
0x005D = 0x0000, start addr in SRAM
0x005E = 0x…0 , stop addr in the SRAM
0x001E = 0x0004 allow Meme Access and write
0x001E = 0x000C , allow meme access and read
0x001E = 0x0001 Run bit start wave form
0x0000 = 0x0000 , SPI config register.