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ADC to USART Application

Hi Guys,

I hope I chose the right forum section for my question.

I am trying to record ultrasonic a-mode signals with an Nucleo F446RE board . To do so I am using the Timer2 of the board to create a 1kHz PWM-Signal with a duty-cycle of 1% to drive ultrasonic crystal. This then vibrates and also converts reflected vibrations back into a voltage change. This voltage change is what I also want to measure using the F446RE’s ADC and then transfer it over USB to my laptop.

My question now is can you help me with setting up the ADC-DMA and DMA-USB communications in a way that can handle the fast signal I am dealing with and is able to transfer all data over USB without loosing some in the process?

I am pretty lost at the moment and can’t find a solution so far.

Sincerely Michael

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Hello there,

I think your post is not related to the MbedOS and things around it.

Anyway, thanks to Google search I found this guide, maybe it will help you with start.

BR, Jan