B-G474E-DPOW1 STM32G474 Board Support

It appears the discovery board for G474 is not yet supported.

How do we add support? It looks like a fairly easy port.


Hi Joe,

To be able to do official port you have to be a partner. For your own purposes you can mock it look like supported board:


Hi Joe,

Here is more information how to use custom board.


Thank you, Pekka.

Hi all

In order to introduce a new target/STM32 family, you can have a look on the wiki page: https://os.mbed.com/teams/ST/wiki/steps-to-create-a-new-STM32-platform

Don’t hesitate to make a pull request on GitHub, we will review it in order to merge it !


Jerome, ST team


Thanks for the link.

So it appears we will have to add a new and for the STM32G474.

Any thoughts on what to call the TARGET_? Perhaps TARGET_DISCO_G474RE?

Then it looks like generating the PeripheralPins.c using the python script. I do not have CubeMX installed.

Looks like other things need copied from the STM32Cube package as well.


I am also interested in support for the STM32G4 series in Mbed.

I can look into porting. As for the target name, it should be consistent with the other nucleo boards supported by Mbed: TARGET_NUCLEO_G474RE

Jerome, is this support coming relatively soon :slight_smile: ?


I am sorry, but STM32G4 support is not planned soon :frowning:

2 options:


Hi Jerome,

I just ordered a G473 nucleo board so I will be able to run tests. I’ll see how difficult the porting effort is from here.

Thanks for getting it started!

Hi Jerome,

I took your branch and have basic support for the NUCLEO_G747RE target (gpio and system initialization, enough to compile blinky while ignoring a lot of features that require UART).

You can see my branch here: https://github.com/AGlass0fMilk/mbed-os/tree/add-nucleo-g474re

I am hoping we can collaborate a bit to add the rest of the features since you are obviously more familiar with the STM platform than I am.

Maybe you could convince your project managers to give you some time to assist me since there is another developer working on this now :)?