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MBED support for a STM32 custom board?


In am developing a custom board based on the STM32H743 and plan to use VisusalGDB as IDE, but I would suspect this a generic question:

-Is there a simple step-by-step guide or example on how to add MBED-support to a custom STM32 board?

Many thanks in advance


probably links below will help

BR, Jan

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Many thanks Jan,

I seems to involve quite a few steps - have you seen any “hands-on” tutorial with screen shots available?

No, not saw something like that.
But from my point of view it is not necessary, you can look something what is already done. For example mbed-os-bluepill - Bluepill STM32F103C8 support for Mbed OS 6 | Mbed made by @hudakz. It looks simple. When you compared to the standard program for a supported board, new are only files (see end of page) custom_targets.json and files for pinmap configuration (PeripheralPins.c and PinNames.h).

BR, Jan

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Thank you Jan, I will do that!

We are using custom targets based on STM32F769.

You can find them here:

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Many thanks, I will check it out!

Hi every one!

@Lars_Sorqvist you can see several “example” in GitHub - ARMmbed/stm32customtargets at GENERIC_TARGET

@ladislas pleas share you custom boards in the main branch: GitHub - ARMmbed/stm32customtargets: Enable the support of your custom boards in mbed-os 6



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I would, but it’s a “private” board inside a product, not very useful for someone else :slight_smile: