Mbed OS for STM32L151ZE microcontroller

Hello everyone,

We’re designing a new product using the STM32L151ZE microcontroller. We’ve been doing some tests with the NUCLEO-L152RE dev board and everything has been good so far. Now, we want to move on to the final microprocessor and we realized that it is not present in the device list. I would like to know what are the steps to “create” my own board device in the mbed OS file system so we can stil use all the libraries and developments made so far.

Many thanks for your time. Best regards,

Hi Manuel,

To be able to do and maintain official supported board you have to be a Partner. You can still use your own board.
You can fork, customize and build DAPLink for your purposes. We have mechanisms to let developers to detect their custom platform using the mbed ls mock feature for their development:

You can also create configuration for a custom platform:



And for the specifics about adding support for a new board based on STM32 please visit: