Ble Fitness Machine examples?


I am have been trying to develop a Ble device using the Fitness Machine service. I am having quite a bit of trouble finding examples for such and implementation.

The problem lies in the requirement to pass additional information (advertising flags and other parameters) to the client, outside of the Service and Characteristic UUIDs there are additional flags and other data.

I have started from the LED example and have been trying to build up from there, I am mostly following the method used in the LED example, but am having some trouble in trying to determine how to integrated this other required information.

This is my first Ble application, and am admittedly a bit overwhelmed. Any information, help or a working example of a Fitness Machine service would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


you may want to refer to BLE_Becon example which shows how to set specific ADV payload raw data.

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