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Two o more service with BLE

I am beginning to enter this exciting world.
I have managed to compile and run both examples of BLE services:
BLE Heart Rate Monitor

But I am trying to get the same program to send both data, that the BLE offers both services and it doesn’t work.
I have been looking for an example where two or more data services are offered that are changing to BLE and I cannot find it.
Any help please?

This is my code:

/* mbed Microcontroller Library

  • Copyright © 2006-2015 ARM Limited
  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
  • you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
  • You may obtain a copy of the License at
  • Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  • distributed under the License is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS,
  • WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
  • See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  • limitations under the License.

#include <events/mbed_events.h>
#include <mbed.h>
#include “ble/BLE.h”
#include “ble/Gap.h”
#include “ble/services/HeartRateService.h”
#include “ble/services/HealthThermometerService.h”

DigitalOut led1(LED1, 1);

const static char DEVICE_NAME[] = “TFG”;
static const uint16_t uuid16_list[] = {GattService::UUID_HEART_RATE_SERVICE};
static const uint16_t uuid17_list[] = {GattService::UUID_HEALTH_THERMOMETER_SERVICE};

static uint8_t hrmCounter = 100; // init HRM to 100bps
static HeartRateService *hrServicePtr;
static float currentTemperature = 39.6;
static HealthThermometerService *thermometerServicePtr;

static EventQueue eventQueue(/* event count */ 16 * EVENTS_EVENT_SIZE);

void disconnectionCallback(const Gap::DisconnectionCallbackParams_t *params)
BLE::Instance().gap().startAdvertising(); // restart advertising

void updateSensorValue() {
// Do blocking calls or whatever is necessary for sensor polling.
// In our case, we simply update the HRM measurement.

//  100 <= HRM bps <=175
if (hrmCounter == 175) {
    hrmCounter = 100;
/* Do blocking calls or whatever is necessary for sensor polling.
   In our case, we simply update the Temperature measurement. */
currentTemperature = (currentTemperature + 0.1 > 43.0) ? 39.6 : currentTemperature + 0.1;



void periodicCallback(void)
led1 = !led1; /* Do blinky on LED1 while we’re waiting for BLE events */

if (BLE::Instance().getGapState().connected) {;


void onBleInitError(BLE &ble, ble_error_t error)
/* Initialization error handling should go here */

void printMacAddress()
/* Print out device MAC address to the console*/
Gap::AddressType_t addr_type;
Gap::Address_t address;
BLE::Instance().gap().getAddress(&addr_type, address);
for (int i = 5; i >= 1; i–){
printf(”%02x:”, address[i]);
printf("%02x\r\n", address[0]);

void bleInitComplete(BLE::InitializationCompleteCallbackContext *params)
BLE& ble = params->ble;
ble_error_t error = params->error;

if (error != BLE_ERROR_NONE) {
    onBleInitError(ble, error);

if (ble.getInstanceID() != BLE::DEFAULT_INSTANCE) {

/* Setup primary service. */
hrServicePtr = new HeartRateService(ble, hrmCounter, HeartRateService::LOCATION_FINGER);
thermometerServicePtr = new HealthThermometerService(ble, currentTemperature, HealthThermometerService::LOCATION_EAR);

/* Setup advertising. */ | GapAdvertisingData::LE_GENERAL_DISCOVERABLE);, (uint8_t *)uuid16_list, sizeof(uuid16_list));, (uint8_t *)uuid17_list, sizeof(uuid17_list));;;, (uint8_t *)DEVICE_NAME, sizeof(DEVICE_NAME));;; /* 1000ms */;



void scheduleBleEventsProcessing(BLE::OnEventsToProcessCallbackContext* context) {
BLE &ble = BLE::Instance();<void()>(&ble, &BLE::processEvents));

int main()
eventQueue.call_every(500, periodicCallback);

BLE &ble = BLE::Instance();


return 0;


It seems to work. The problem is that it was bonded in the nRF Connect and it was showing me the old services.