Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the use of mbed-os BLE API and the STM32WB55RG target.
This MCU has 2 Arm cores and the M0+ is dedicated for the BLE.
My question is: How does mbed-os implements the BLE stack for this target?
As far as I know, this MCU has 256Kb of its Flash memory dedicated to the STCube BLE firmware, which is optimized for the BLE operation standards. Does mbed-os expect it to be programmed or does it manage the BLE stack by itself?

Thanks a lot !


BLE stack is already embedded in M0+
It is not provided by mbed-os


to update the version

Hey Jerome,

Thanks for the quick answer. I think BLE behavior is clearer for me now.
So when we run st-flash erase command, it says it’s erasing the entire flash but in fact it only erasing the application part right? Or does it erase the embedded M0+ firmware too?