BLE how to do automatic reconnect?

I mean that when power is restored to the controller or the controller approaches my phone, the connection via BLE is automatically restored. What steps should I go through?
Now I get a connection request on my phone every time, and I have to manually confirm it. BUT how do you automate it? How can I make this request appear only on the first connection? I spent 3 weeks, but on my own I could not find the answer to this question! Ask for help from the community.

Anybody have any hints? I have exactly the same requirement (and I also have not been able to figure it out). Even a suggestion for where to look in the Bluetooth specs for what should be implemented would be helpful.



It is the central device’s responsibility to reconnect to a peripheral device. Thus this is a phone app issue… but of course it’s never that simple… as the peripheral device has to realise that it is no longer connected and then needs to start advertising again, otherwise the phone cannot reconnect.

It also usually requires bonding between phone and peripheral device to automate this process with the phone.