Can Someone Give Me Advice on Implementing BLE Communication in Mbed OS?

Hello there,

As I am working on a project that involves implementing Bluetooth Low Energy communication using Mbed OS, and I’m seeking some guidance from experienced developers in this area.

My goal is to establish a reliable BLE connection between two devices, with one acting as a peripheral and the other as a central. I’ve gone through the Mbed documentation and some basic tutorials, but I’m facing some challenges in implementing more advanced features and ensuring the stability of the connection.

Specifically, I’m looking for advice on:

  1. Best practices for setting up a BLE connection in Mbed OS.
  2. Handling data transmission and reception efficiently.
  3. Dealing with connection interruptions and reconnections gracefully.
  4. Optimizing power consumption for battery-operated devices.

If anyone has experience or insights to share regarding these topics or any other aspects related to BLE development in Mbed OS, I would greatly appreciate your input.

I have gone through this which is very useful:

Also, any code snippets, resources, or example projects that you could point me towards would be immensely helpful.

Thankyou in advance.