BLE number of connections in mbed

Hello everyone,

I set up a small Bluetooth low energy server with mbed OS. It works fine and happily sends data. If someone connects to that server it simply starts advertising again so that a different person can connect to that server and get data. This works up to 3 persons.

Question: Is there a kind of ‘flag’ that I can set so that more people can connect to the server?
It seems like that 3 is an upper bound which I would ike to see increased. But I do not know where I can find this.

Forgot to mention: I use a Arduino Nano 33 BLe which has a Nordic nrF 52xx chip on it.

Hi Alexander,

You can use mbed compile --config to list all the configuration options, and cordio.max-connections is the one you are looking for.

You can modify it by mbed_app.json like

"target_overrides": {
    "Your target": {
        "cordio.max-connections": 4