Maximum number of services / characteristics? adding char' causes advertising to fail?!?!?

I have a very weird bug. I have a program with four services, where each service has about 3-5 characteristics. Everything works fine. Connecting to the device and discovering services.
However, when I add an additional service (with three additional characteristics), I can no longer connect to the device. Or at least, when I try, it gets automatically disconnected and no services are discovered. Reducing the number of added characteristics to two and suddenly everything works.
Doesn’t matter which characteristic I remove. As soon as I add the third one, I can’t connect anymore.
I’m running on BLE nano (nrf51822).

What is the limit of the GATT table? Is there a way to check how much I am currently using?
Can this be related to how many different UUIDs I’m using? I also read somewhere there is a limit to how many different ones you can use.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Shay,

I know this question was posted over 2 years ago, but did you ever determine the hard limit for services/characteristics on the BLE nano?