BLE :: Security Manager - memory footprint


Our solution makes use of multiple Peripheral to single Central BLE network topology. We’d like to incorporate the link encryption into device’s connection scheme by enabling the Security Manager. Our goal is the “Just Works” approach with no bonding (peristency of pairing in NV memory), so all SM data during the GAP lifetime will be kept in RAM.

Here we have few questions regarding the SM operation at runtime:

  1. What is the SM memory footprint on Central side with single Peripheral device paired and connected?
  2. Can we use value from question above to product an approximate value in case of e.g. 10 Peripheral devices paired?
  3. In case of multi Peripheral scenario the Security Manager on Central keeps all the details (generated keys etc.) for each of the paired Peripherals in separate records?
  4. All of the pairing details (generated keys etc.) for each of the Peripherals are expected to be different?

Best regards,
Tomasz Kaczmarek.