LE Secure Connections Flag on Pairing Feature Exchange

Hi! I’m trying to implement LE Secure Connections on pairing two devices with BLE. However, I’m having problems with LE Secure Connections Flag on Pairing Feature Exchange. I’m using Wireshark to check the BLE packets and I saw that my device have the Secure Connections Flag in False on Security Manager Protocol and I’ dont know why, because I already check the documentation and the device supports LE Secure Connections method. I’m also used the function securityManager().getSecureConnectionsSupport() and achieved the same conclusion, the device supports this method. I’m using nRF52-DK boards. I thought there might be some kind of configuration for this flag to be activated but I’ve researched a lot about this issue and haven’t found any solution. So I would really appreciate any help or any comment regarding this issue.