C++11 Intellisense

Hi - I’ve updated the json files in my project to enable C++11 features, but the intellisense is still flagging these as errors (the project builds just fine…) Is there a file somewhere where I can change the intellisense settings?

EDIT - Nevermind, seems it just needed a restart…

Hi Dan,

That is correct. C/C++ Intellisense rebuild is triggered in Studio when:

  • Program has been set as active
  • Target selection has changed
  • Profile selection has changed
  • File has been added/removed

That’s why you haven’t seen it changing after modifying the content of a profile. We may however consider adding it in the future. In the meantime, I recommend setting a program as active again after modifying a profile. It will retrigger C/C++ IntelliSense with a new profile content.

Arek - Studio team