Many errors in project after upgrade to 1.3.1

Coming back to a project I started late last year and last modified around July.

Updated Mbed Studio to 1.3.1 and (actually a complete re-install) from 1.2 and I get the following errors in Studio:

Looking at the minimap on the right, note the entire initial comment block is marked as an error!?

The MbedOS version I’m using is 5.13,

The target is correct (but not plugged in as it’s currently in the field for testing). If this is the cause, is it not possible to develop with the target ‘offline’?

I’m concerned that if I need to make some fixes to the software with the target on the other side of the country (I’m in Sydney, target is in Perth) how can it be done?

Feels like I’m missing something simple…

Hi Chris,

Yes, Mbed Studio doesn’t require a target to be connected for C/C++ intellisense to work. The problem is in EA LPC4088 QuickStart board. Intellisense generation fails for it as this target is officially supporting only Mbed OS 2 and 5.4. You can see it when you hover over the i icon on target list. Mbed Studio requires Mbed OS 5.12 or higher.

Arek - Studio team

Thanks Arek for the clarification, and yet it compiled fine for Mbed Studio <= V1.2…

I guess it was a lower version of intellisense in 1.2 perhaps that permitted this?

OK, so I back-levelled Studio to 1.2.1 and disabled the app-update.yml script to prevent it nagging for updates.

I have two project directories in my workspace (both for the same target), one of which populates the target and compiles, and the other which complains with ‘No Target Selected’ in the Target drop-down.

The working project has the following in the .mbed file in the root:


In the non-working project, the .mbed file gets overwritten with an empty one and consequently the target info appears to be lost.

In both cases the target is disconnected - I’m just switching between them using ‘Set Active Program’ . What could be the difference in the two projects to cause this behaviour?

NVM, reloading the MbedOS library solved the problem - I’ll take that as a win for now…