Custom target breaks the intellisense?


When I add a custom_targets json into my project, the intellisense stops working. When I delete (rename) the json, it starts working again. Unfortunately I dont know how to debug it further.
With an intellisense I mean finding & highlighting errors, hinting, code completion, etc.

MBed studio 1.4
All tools are up to date

Tool Name Version Status
ARM Compiler 6.15 up to date
Clangd 10.0.0 up to date
Example projects 1.9.2 up to date
GDB client 6-2017-q2-update up to date
Git 2.30.0 up to date
Mbed Library Cache 1.9.2 up to date
Python tools 0.6.0 up to date
Debug Packs 1.1.0 up to date

Content of my custom_targets:

    "RD_GSM_G1": {
        "inherits": ["NUCLEO_L152RE"],
        "device_name": "STM32L152RE",
        "detect_code": ["0711"],
        "overrides": {
            "clock_source": "USE_PLL_HSE_XTAL|USE_PLL_HSI"
            "hse_value": {
                "value": "16000000", 
                "macro_name": "HSE_VALUE" 

Is this a bug or feature? The absence of intellisense makes the development a little bit harsh.

Hi Rudolf,

Thank you for reporting this issue and apologies for not answering sooner. Yes, C/C++ intellisense is not enabled for custom targets at the moment. We are working on adding it.

Arek - Studio team

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Hi Arek,

Do you have a timeline for it? You have indicated there is a solution. For me this is only valid when the solution is available to us.

Best regards, Hans.

To let you know I have same issue occurring now, so if they are working on it is a snail pace. I have all the latest releases and updates. Based processordiscovery is the b-l4s5i-iot01a.

Any update on time frame?