Cap on amount of users with read-only access to a repository

We have an mbed-hosted repository that we are currently controlling access to through the read-only access section, but there appears to be a max. amount of 50 people who are allowed access. Is there a reason for this cap? If not can this potentially be increased?

Hi Kyle , what is the name of the repo, I can take a look ?

Hi Anna,

The repo is located here - it is set to private however, with 50 people currently given read-only access and we are now unable to add another.

Ah that looks like an Mbed 2 repo which I don’t have control over. I’ll see if I can find someone who knows about this.

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Hi Kyle. We should be able to take a look at this for you. Are you seeing a specific error on screen when you try to add another user?


No specific errors, we just no longer can click into the read-only access box in admin settings. If we remove a user, then we are able to click into the box once again, but once it hits the 50 users we can no longer click into the box to add another.

Hi @willlordarm,
I work with @Kyle_Jansen , I’ve seen the same. This isn’t confined to one browser on one user’s PC.

Hi @willlordarm,

Any update on this? Would be good to know if this is something that can be changed or not.