Mbed teams repositories - is GitHub the only option for new repo's?

Analog Devices have a number of repos hosted in Analog Devices | Mbed. Is it still possible to add mercurial repos there, or is GitHub now the only option for new repo’s?


Hi @ORiordan_David. The ability to create new Mbed-hosted Mercurial repositories has been removed and we are recommending that everyone begins to use GitHub (or other hosted repo management system). Since Mbed.com was first released, repository hosting and management has moved on significantly with lots of free and commercial offerings that offer many features that we cannot.

Do let me know if you need any further support with this.

Thanks for the quick reply Will.
Does this have any effect on access/availability of the source code in new repo’s? We have different levels of access to the different repo’s. Some is public, some is case-by-case access for partners etc.
From an abundance of caution, I don’t want to just assume that there are no gotcha’s here.

Hi David. Permissions would need to be set on each repository. Depending on your GitHub configuration all new repos will default to either private or public. Instructions on changing visibility are here: Setting repository visibility - GitHub Docs

For private repos you (as the owner of the repo) should be able to grant access to individual users too (e.g. partners).

If you’re moving existing Mbed-hosted Mercurial repos to GitHub (following this guide) then you will need to make sure that the new repo you create has the correct permissions set (either public or private).

Thanks Will. OK, I’ll look at those guides/docs and engage with the ADI GitHub owners and get this process started.

Great. Thanks David. Do reach out if you encounter any issues.