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Change my program from Mbed 2 to Mbed-os6 but still have "Mbed 2 deprecated" title

I have updated my program.
Old revision is Mbed 2 and updated revision is OS6.
I have two problems.

  1. Mbed 2 deprecated is still in the title.
  2. mbed_version.h is still mbed5.15.4?

How to delete “Mbed 2 deprecated” ?
How to change to real Mbed-os6.2.0?
I would like to delete “Mbed 2 deprecated” title and use real mbed-os6.2.0 .

HI @kenjiArai. That’s strange. I see that the program itself is showing as Mbed OS but in your code listings it’s showing as Mbed 2. We’ll take a look at this issue and get this updated asap. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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