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Change my program from Mbed 2 to Mbed-os6 but still have "Mbed 2 deprecated" title

I have updated my program.
Old revision is Mbed 2 and updated revision is OS6.
I have two problems.

  1. Mbed 2 deprecated is still in the title.
  2. mbed_version.h is still mbed5.15.4?

How to delete “Mbed 2 deprecated” ?
How to change to real Mbed-os6.2.0?
I would like to delete “Mbed 2 deprecated” title and use real mbed-os6.2.0 .

HI @kenjiArai. That’s strange. I see that the program itself is showing as Mbed OS but in your code listings it’s showing as Mbed 2. We’ll take a look at this issue and get this updated asap. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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Hi Mbed team members,
I have same problem again.
Mbed 2 deprecated is still in the title.

The real root cause is still alive in a somewhere.
I will update several old Mbed 2 programs again and again.
Please support this issue.

Hi @kenjiArai. The architecture which powers the search and listing pages for code can take some time to reflect changes in mercurial repository contents. If the code page shows the correct Mbed OS version, rest assured the search and listing pages will catch up shortly. Both of the pages you referenced are now up-to-date. Sorry for this slightly confusing experience.
(Technical details: it is challenging to receive hooks for all mercurial changes, so instead we rely on polling, which is necessarily a bit slower due to the number of repos on the site. Improvements to this system are on our roadmap.)

Thank you for your answer. I understood how to update the list.
I confirmed that “LPC1114…” program is now okay but “Frequency_…” program is still not okay.
I hope the polling time is less than a week.
Thanks again your support.