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the development branch for Mbed OS 6 has recently removed dozens of boards, which were
more or less ‘officially’ supported in Med OS in the past, and now are removed from the official
sources. Are there any discussions concerning this topic? I was astonished not to find any
discussion on this topic while searching the forums?! There have to be quite a lot of people being
affected by this decision, including myself. And where would be the best place to discuss this?

What is the strategy to ‘support’ these boards in the future? I guess that the Mbed team will not
maintain these dropped boards and the related code in the future. Obviously there is a new forum
now for ‘custom and community boards’, but is this enough to value all the passion and work which
has been taken to support these boards? From my point of view there could be at least a ‘official’
list containing all these boards and their related URLs, so it is more visible for new Mbed OS customers
what is available. I also could imagine a page just like the one for the supported boards, where you can search for certain characteristics (CPU, Ram, Flash etc.).

BR, Andreas

I’m also using targets that are being removed in OS6.

I still need to use an earlier version of OS2 for certain targets due to size, I don’t think OS6 bare metal will get anywhere near to being able to work effectively on these targets.
I also consider it a waste of time trying to do so, OS5 and now OS6 is tuned up for more advanced applications that require advanced targets.
Attempting to make these libraries backwardly compatible will degrade these libraries and make it far more difficult to debug.

32k and below targets can be used on uVision to be honest, our code can easily be exported to work here.

The problem is the larger targets Teesnsy3.1 with 256k flash for instance that I use on custom boards.
I do need to be able to use the OS2 version libraries.

How about a TOTALLY unsupported OS2 library available for Studio offline?
No different versions, just the latest rev.172 which I believe was around MBED-Dev rev.188/189.
That way we can ‘adjust’ the library to suit what we want.

hi Andreas,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. I’ve moved your question to the new section for community boards.

Note the boards that have been removed from master were not properly supported by Arm nor partners, as this usually leads to confusion and misunderstandings on UX and quality that we can offer.

It’s important to note that the code for these targets continues to be available in the 5.15 branch.

We also encourage anyone that wants to add support for Mbed OS 6 (rtos or baremetal) to create a repository and add custom support as described in a recent blog.
The process is relatively straight forward, takes a few minutes, and this also benefits others when shared in the forum :wink:

This new section here for ‘custom and community boards’ is intended to promote and showcase this kind of boards that are maintained by community developers. We expect to see feedback from others on how these boards are performing and see issues or requests for new features.

Moreover, we’re considering other ways to promote these boards and make them be available to all other users. For the time being, this section should help to raise awareness until possibly another solution is in place.



I use DISCO-F407VG but not appear in mbed os 6 . I wish it back

Hello John,

The ARCH MAX board has a comparable MCU (STM32F407VE) with the DICO-F407VG and it is supported also by the online compiler. You can try to build for that target until the DISCO-F407VG is back as a custom target. I use it to build for a very similar STM32F407VE custom board.

Best regards,