Chrono - updated documentation?


I am new to using the mBed, and not a particulary sophisticated programmer.

I am trying to get the IR Remote library running and running into some issues, as it appears it is not up to date with the latest mBed OS.

When trying to compile I get an error regarding using read_us() which has deprecated, stating that I should use the “chrono-based elapsed_time method” instead.

There doesn’t appear to be any documentation on the mBed website regarding the chrono method, have I missed it?



The chrono stuff is a bit hard to understand, so I converted this library to a Mbed CE version for you:

This repo is designed to be built with Mbed CE, but you should also be able to copy the code into a regular Mbed 6 project and it should work. Enjoy!

Thanks Jamie, that’s incredibly generous.