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Mbed OS online version vs Mbed Studio Mbed OS version

I am having trouble reading a DHT11 temperature sensor with a Nucleo L432KC when I compile and run my program under MBed Studio with Mbed OS version 6.8.0. I am using an InterruptIn object to capture the rising/falling edge of a pulse. It appears that the interrupt is missing rising/falling transitions.

I migrated the program over to the on-line compiler and the program works as expected. It appears to be using an older version of the MBed OS as I am allowed to use timer.read_us() vs the newer timer.elapsed_time().count(). However, the on-line compiler gives the appearance of using 6.8.0 (but many deleted classes are still present: Serial)


Any remarks appreciated.


about the Serial class.
If you mean the list of classes in the tree under the + symbol close to gear wheel of Mbed OS library.
Then just ignore it, that documentation is not actual.

BR, Jan

Follow up: I was able to determine that the on-line compiler uses version: mbed-os feature-wisun-1.5.0. If I use this version in MBed studio, I can get everything to compile and run correctly . No pulse edges are missed.

However, MBed 6.8.0 still gives me issues with this sensor.

Thanks the reply.

I’ve noticed a lot of out dated documentation out there (my students are always going to the old MBed web pages).