Clarification needed for load cell HX711 library

I am using Mbed os Version 5, in this below Load cell Library some time working, most of the times its giving wrong value, Did i need to do any changes in Mbed OS version-5 to overcome this issue.



same topic…

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can you please share your Wiring connections.?

HI Johnny
where i will add these

The wiring between board and ADC module HX711 is descripted in the example and previous topic about this. I use exactly same pins what are in the example (Nucleo’s PB_8 and PB_9) and onboard power source 3v3.

How is written, the content should be placed into mbed_app.json file of your project. If you do not have one in your project then you have to create a new one in root folder of your project.

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hi johnny like this

Definitely not!

You placed it into a doxygen_options.json file somewhere in YOUR_PROJECT_NAME/mbed-os/ directory.

Be so kind and read what I wrote once again.

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sorry i don’t have that files ,herewith attached what i have , please explain me about creating process step by step.

Right click on project folder > choose New file > type mbed_app.json and press OK

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