Clone MBED2 repository

I want to clone MBED version 2 repository. Where can I find it?


Or you can use MbedOS5 with bare metal

BR, Jan

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the info. I’ve looked at, from there I can download:
After extracting from it:

  1. I can’t find a repository there (git or mercurial). Its just like a snapshot or a commit (sorry for my limited english). I can’t go to another commit for example.
  2. I’m targetting for a small MCU (LPC812), I can find the target, but I couldn’t find the source code, only binary of the target.
    Also, from history page, I see there are many commits in MBED 2 before the current one, but the link is not working, for example:
    Am I missing something

Try here;

AFAIK this is the only way. You can export to desktop IDE as a zip file if want to.