Cannot import or download the official mbed-dev

I cannot import the official mbed-dev code using the online compiler. I get a 504 error.

A post I read suggested to go here and click to download the code but the download is not working. The download never starts when I try to get the zip or gz.

Many months I was able to get mbed-dev with no problem but now neither method works. Is there anyone in charge who knows why there are problems with getting mbed-dev?

I’m not interested in using the CLI tool.


I tested and noticed that import as program failed and is not possible as library.
mbed-dev is library source for Mbed OS and not probably for import to Online compiler as it is.
Problem might be because it seems to be Mbed OS 2 version. I recommened to try Mbed OS 5 instead.


I’ve imported many months ago on another project.

It also doesn’t help that the download link doesn’t work.

Is mbed-dev OS 2? I thought it was the latest OS 5.

How do I get OS 5? I just start a new project, click import, and search for ‘mbed-dev’.

I installed mbed-cli and tried this:
mbed add

Got an error:
[mbed] Working path “/u/mwm/Desktop/data/code/qspi_board” (program)
[mbed] Adding library “mbed-dev” from “” at latest revision in the current branch
[mbed] ERROR: Unable to clone repository (