Mbed OS5 source

I want to use the source of mbed OS5.

Both mbed-dev and mbed-os seem to be OS5, what’s the difference?
Which one should you use?




Thank you very much.

Use the github version, that’s where all the development happens.

The number of commits in mbed-dev is 190 compared to 29 045 (!) at the time of writing for mbed-os.

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Hi there,

Mbed-dev is not MbeOS5 but MbedOS2, you can check it in the platform/mbed_version.h on the line 33

Latest MbedOs5 you can found on the github how Ladislas wrote.

BR, Jan

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Thank you for your reply.


If you know how to import this source program into mbed compiler, could you tell me?

Thank you.


If you mean basics of import you can…

If you want to see whole MbedOS (.h and .cpp files) in your project tree in the Online compiler, it is not possible, if I remember correctly. For that you need offline solution likee MbedStudio.

Is it what you want know?

BR, Jan

I did it in the way I learned.
Thank you very much.

How do I add it to components?

The source program has been downloaded.
Thank you very much.