Cloud client WIFI example


I am trying to connect my device to cloud client using WIFI example.
I am able to connect to WIFI and I got my device visible on Pelion cloud, however it is not able to properly register. The state in the Pelion dashboard is “bootstrapped” and it seems I cannot go further.

I think I correctly set the credentials and the API key. I experimented both using online compiler and mbed cli, and both fails at device registration.

Any way to debug on cloud side to understand what happens ?

Board: DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A

I usually get this message:
[SMCC] Error occurred : MbedCloudClient::ConnectNetworkError

Thank you for any help

Hi Ludovic,

Not sure if you still have the issue but I ran into the same issue. After trying a few things, the reset button helped. Once I reset the board, the device registered successfully. Hope this helps


Could you please describe your setup?

  • SW versions
  • Which board
  • Which Wi-Fi module
    That would help in understanding the potential issues. All/any client logs would also help.

Typically the issues for not being able to register are in the TLS handshake, the certificate sending during the TLS handshake requires a few big packets to be sent and some Wi-Fi stacks are not handling that correctly.