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Cloud to cloud connection

(Hao Sun) #1

Hi, what is the best way to connect mbed cloud to another cloud (not web app) for information exchange? Can I customize mbed cloud for such connection?
Thanks in advance.

(birbhadra dhungana) #2

can u please elaborate on what another cloud means

(Hao Sun) #3

AWS or ARTIK cloud, for example.

(Jyri Ryymin) #4

Hi Hao Sun,

There is no cloud-to-cloud connectivity in a meaning of 2 or more different clouds would be interconnected directly.

Generally speaking, the Mbed Cloud works over REST API. If you have a Mbed Cloud account and account in some other cloud, you can create your own interface logic between the 2 clouds. E.g. Create you own cloud service and use the Mbed Cloud through API provided or create your own (web app-like) solution which communicates with 2 different cloud instances.


(Hao Sun) #5

Thanks for the reply. It would be nice to have cloud to cloud connection directly for data exchange.