CMSIS vs mbed OS

Hi All,

Could anyone tell me

  1. What is the difference between CMSIS and mbed OS
  2. What is the level of the CMSIS support in mbed OS (mbed OS 15.11 Technology Preview release) ?
  3. Should modules from CMSIS package be ported separtely in mbed OS or by default CMSIS is integrated in mbed OS ?


Hi Karthik,

CMSIS is a Cortex M Software interface standard while mbed is an operating system of which CMSIS is a low level component.
Your platform implementation uses CMSIS API’s eg: to register / enable / disable interrupts, remap etc…
Please see following git:

This has cmsis-core implementation.
Below it into the git there are other platform’s using cmsis-core
Click on any of them and you will see NVIC_EnableIRQ and other API’s of cmsis-core are being used.
eg: cmsis-core-k64f/system_MK64F12.c at master · ARMmbed/cmsis-core-k64f · GitHub
As per my understanding I don’t thing you might need to port cmsis package, but you will have to use the package/module into your system

Thanks & BR,
Sagar kadam

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