CMSIS Flash interface in Mbed os

Hi All,
I am trying to add a flash driver to mbed os. I’ve seen flash interface (ARM_DRIVER_FLASH) in CMSIS. But did not find it in mbed OS. May I know how to integrate it in mbed OS ?


cc @rgrover1

Hello Karthik,

We’re currently working on incorporating the CMSIS flash interface into mbed OS. Our proposed version is an extension of CMSIS flash. We’d like to see it being adopted as the default flash driver in CMSIS, which would require some discussions and collaboration with the maintainers of CMSIS. We’re in the process of initiating these discussions, and it might take a few weeks/months before we can arrive at an alignment.

In the mean time, you can assume that anything based on the existing CMSIS flash header would be easy to adapt to the mbed OS version. This should allow you to progress with your work while we arrive at a merge with CMSIS.

Hi Rohit,
So do you mean to say that, mbed-os(mbed OS 15.11 Technology Preview release) has flash interface, which is extension CMSIS Flash interface. May I get any information/documentation about it.


Our work on CMSIS is not yet a part of any official mbed OS release. And it won’t be until around the middle of the year.

Hi Rohit,

Are you working only on this particular CMSIS Flash driver or you are also planning to add other CMSIS Drivers API like Ethernet, UART and etc?


As already mentioned, we are working on incorporating the CMSIS flash driver. If we introduce support for any new peripheral family, we will try to build upon the existing CMSIS headers. In the case of existing mbed drivers, alignment with CMSIS would be a medium-term goal.