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Compatible NAND Memory?

Hi, all
I am using the Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC on a custom board and have an 8bit NAND Flash memory to boot from. When I try to program the Flash using the Vitis Program Flash Memory tool I am able to measure the CE pin and it does go low and high so I believe the tool is trying to program the NAND flash but in the Vitis Console window it show 8 bad blocks and fails to successfully write data. The part number of my device: MT29F8G08ADBDAH4-AAT

How do determine if the memory I have is compatible with the Vitis Program Flash Utility?


I not understand why you are asking here, Xilinx (manufacturer of Zynq Ultrascale 64bit multiprocessor ) seems to have self community forum Home - Community Forums (
So if you use their hardware and software, it might be better to start on their website - Utilities for System Packaging (

BR, Jan

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: