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I have been given a Nucleo-L432kc to use in my first year embedded system module at uni and cant get the thing to work. Managed to get the drivers installed but when i paste a .bin file to NODE_L432KC i get a text file called FAIL that says “The interface firmware FAILED to download the flash programming algorithms to the target MCU”. Ive updated the firmware and its still happening?

What does this mean is it broken or can i resolve this?


how I remember for Windows are not necessary to install any driver for drag and drop upload.
But drivers are required for ST-link and VPC functionality.
Usually is good to update Nucleo Firmware - | Mbed and also try to full erase chip with via STM32CubeProgrammer or STM32 ST-LINK utility. And as last you need to have selected correct board before compilation. With wrong one the board will refuse the .bin file.

BR, Jan