Compiled bin file not working on mDot


I have been using MBED online compiler for coding the mDot module. The code was compiled properly and generated a bin file which was working fine in the mDot module till last friday. The bin file generated since then is not running on the board. I have flashed a previously generated bin file and is working fine on the board. I also flashed a simple serial test code which is not working. Please see to the issue and help me resolve it.


Having the same issue, have tried both the online and Mbed Studio.

A bin file that I created 2020/05/21 works but not any I created today nor yesterday.

We’re having the same issue. My understanding in communicating with Multitech is that the issue began when mbed-os 6 was released. Multitech said they sent a request for a fix to mbed but have not heard anything. We are unable to program or sell our products due to this issue. mbed studio is not a suitable workaround for the mdot.

I had already raised the github issue, I believe it is going to be fixed in the upcoming release or may be already fixed. Here is the issue logged. I built mine using the offline compiler (MBED CLI) and it works fine.


Checked this morning, online compiler not working.

Having the same issue…any help is grateful!