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UREGENT: Multitech MDot: Flashing MDot firmware compiled using MBED Online compiler causes CRC Errors

I am building my application using the MBED online compiler and we have always been able to flash the firmware without any issues however as of today and I am getting CRC errors as shown below, when flashing the MDot module using tera term and ymodem interface. I am using the MDot library 3.1.0 and mbed-os-5.7.7 to compile my custom firmware. We are blocked on generating production builds and would like to receive some assistance ASAP.

bootloader :> upgrade ymodem
[INFO] Starting upgrade
[INFO] Starting YMODEM file transfer
[INFO] YMODEM file transfer succeeded
[INFO] appended crc: 50050000
[INFO] calculated crc: 2793190355
[ERROR] File validation failed


Same issues, cant get bin to work, compiler seems to compile, bu bin does not work.

Upload old bin it works

Hi. i got the same error. build a program after mbed update and the .bin file dont work. the old .bin files works ok. i download the mbed cli and the program work ok but the wake up function by rtc or interrup dont work. i am using gcc_arm v5.6 to compile with mbed cli