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Connect to Pelion Device Management giving error


(sumit grover) #1

I was trying to connect to Pelion Device Management in five steps using the example code but i am unable to and the error I am getting is:

Connected to the network successfully. IP address:
…++ MbedOS Fault Handler ++…FaultType: HardFault…Context:.R0 : 20000A49.R1 : 00000001.R2 : 20005528.R3 : 05666E39.R4 : 200061A0.R5 : 00000000.R6 : 200054F0.R7 : 20005528.R8 : 00000000.R9 : 200054F8.R10 : 00000000.R11 : 20009088.R12 : 7DC8E292.SP : 200054C8.LR : 0803E287.PC : 08027408.xPSR : 21000000.PSP : 20005460.MSP : 20017FD8.CPUID: 410FC241.HFSR : 40000000.MMFSR: 00000000.BFSR : 00000000.UFSR : 00000100.DFSR : 00000008.AFSR : 00000000.SHCSR: 00000000.Mode : Thread.Priv : Privileged.Stack: PSP…Thread Info:.Current:.State: 00000002 EntryFn: 0804203D Stack Size: 00002000 Mem: 20003B78 SP: 20005848.Next:.State: 00000002 EntryFn: 0804203D Stack Size: 00002000 Mem: 20003B78 SP: 20005848.Wait Threads:.State: 00000083 EntryFn: 0803C7DD Stack Size: 00000300 Mem: 20000548 SP: 200007D8.Delay Threads:.Idle Thread:.State: 00000001 EntryFn: 0803BCE5 Stack Size: 00000200 Mem: 20000348 SP: 20000500…-- MbedOS Fault Handler

This error i have seen in the logs generated through serial communication.
Please help me for the issue.
Thanks and Regards

(birbhadra dhungana) #2

Hi Sumit,

Are you still seeing this issue,
Can you give another shot with the quickstart guide? https://cloud.mbed.com/guides/connect-device-to-pelion.
We are curious to know which device are you using the 5 steps with.