Disco-746 + Pelion + mbedos 5.15

Using the Pelion program from the wizard in the online compiler for the Disco-746NG and updating all libraries to latest generates errors.

At this documentation site:
I do not see the Disco-746G mentioned at the supported borads.
So I guess the example is using old mbed os libraries wich are causing my errors.

I really want to use this board, I need the Touch display and Ethernet.
Question 1: Any hope I can get the Disco-746G working withe the latest mbes os & Pelion?

Question 2:
I tried switching the mbes os to earlier versions:
Imported the program leaving “update libraries untouched” also compiles withe the same warnings.
Then in that deployment I tried to revert to older mbes libraries

This results in an internal error.

I would be very disapointed if I can not use the board. I selected the board after consulting the mbed site, selecting OS 5.15 and it gave me this board as an option.

The problem is in using the touch display. The touch demo example is working in 5.15 and the Pelion example is also working in 5.15. When combined it goes wrong:
Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro "MBED_RAM_START" in "tmp/6axk9l", Line: 38, Col: 10