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Cross-compile&upload from Raspberry Pi to Nucleo


I’d like to set up the development environment consist of PC <-(GUI Remote)-> Raspberry Pi ← (USB) → Nucleo board.
And I’m wondering that the Mbed online compiler works on Raspberry Pi to cross-compile and upload for the Nucleo board?

I know the Mbed is for Arm based board and Mbed would not support Raspberry Pi executable compiling.
In my case, I want to know that “is it possible to make & upload Nucleo executable file from Raspberry Pi using Mbed online compiler”.
Maybe I need to use some kind of tool-chain things for Nucleo hardware specific cross-compiling?

Hello Lee,

I believe that when you run Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi then all the mbed build tools for cross compilation should work as on a PC. This includes also a mbed virtual disk for a drag & drop upload of binary files built with the online compiler, mbed CLI or the MbedStudio IDE to any Mbed enabled target board (the Nucleo boards included). A USB virtual serial port for communication with a serial terminal like the GTKTerm or moserial should be available too.
I’m also on Ubuntu (18.04), however running on a PC, and everything works just fine.

I had tried this some time ago and installed the mbed-cli on the RPi. Not all python modules were available as binaries, the pack-manager is using rust programming language and the RPi was compiling a long time and it failed. Anyway, building was possible on the RPi, but that was just a test for my curiosity.
The mbed-tools are available as a docker container, maybe this a way to go. I’m not a docker expert, but I konw that docker and portainer runs on a RPi.

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