Mbed Examples not flashing to Microbit on Raspberry Pi

I am new to mbed and want to use it with a Microbit on a Raspberry Pi 3. I started by compiling the examples such as Blinky with the online compiler and they compile fine and then download to the Raspberry Pi. I was expecting that when I compiled them that the files would automatically flash to the Microbit. Although the Microbit is recognised by the Pi and mbed I don’t appear to have a place to drop these files to flash them. I have looked at the relevant videos and other documentation on the site but I am obviously missing some crucial steps. I would be delighted to receive some advice. I can see that there is plenty of memory on the Microbit.

This morning I went back through the video guidance and see that when I press on finder the file is opening up and I click on file/open and I get to a similar screen as shown in video and drag the file to microbit but still nothing is happening. I did a save at one point and yes the yellow light flashed and there is now nothing flashing on the screen.