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Custom STM32 Board using existing Nucleo Debugger

I use the boards STM32F429ZI ( and STM32F401RE ( They both have a built in debugger/ST-link.

I plan on making custom boards using the same chip F429ZI /F401RE with the debugger built in the nucleo boards. is it plug and play? or is there anything I need to change on the online compiler to be able to use the custom boards.

Hello Muhammed,

If you install a programmer/debugger onto the custom boards as used on the NUCLEO boards then they become plug&play. But even if you don’t install such programmer/ debugger you can use any NUCLEO board equipped with a programmer/debugger or an ST-Link V2 USB dongle to program and debug your custom boards. For more details have a look at

Best regards, Zoltan