No Debugging for Nucleo-L496ZH

Making the step from the Arduino platform to a more sophisticated environment I chose Mbed Studio as my IDE with Mbed OS V6.
Unfortunately Mbed Studio signals “Cannot debug for selected platform”.

What are my possiiblities to debug my code for the Nucleo-L496ZH?


Hi @bennyfieldman, @jeromecoutant,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Do you mean Nucleo-L496ZH or Nucelo-L496ZG? (
Mbed Studio is using pyOCD ( to deploy and debug a program on the board. I do not see this board to be officially supported by this tool. That being said Studio is extending the list of boards that can be debugged by shipping CMSIS-Packs.
Something you can try is to use a custom-targets logic built-in Studio to tell pyOCD what pack should be used for this board. You can find more information about custom-targets here:

Mbed Studio should already include a pack for STM32L496ZGTx and STM32L496ZGYx

Arek - Mbed Studio team