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Debugger for STM32F405

I’ve been trying to use the debugger for a custom target that I have written for the STM32F405RG and the debugger seems to time out. I’m guessing that this is because the 405 didn’t already have a target (now deprecated).

The following is my custom_targets.json:


    "MTS_MDOT_F405RGT6": {

        "inherits": ["FAMILY_STM32"],

        "core": "Cortex-M4F",

        "extra_labels_add": ["STM32F4", "MTS_MDOT_F405RG"],

        "is_disk_virtual": true,

        "macros_add": ["HSE_VALUE=26000000"],

        "device_has_add": ["ANALOGOUT", "MPU"],

        "device_has_remove": ["SERIAL_FC"],

        "release_versions": ["2", "5"],

        "device_name": "STM32F405RG",

        "bootloader_supported": true



and the following is the response when I use pyocd to debug. The board I am using is an STM32F405 adafruit featherboard which I have flashed via USB DFU.

c:\Users\Admin\mbed-test>pyocd-gdbserver -l
0001307:WARNING:gdb_server:pyocd-gdbserver is deprecated; please use the new combined pyocd tool.
No available debug probes are connected

I am unable to understand why there are no available debug probes connected since mbed studio does recognize the board. I also downloaded the libusb.dll and placed it in the same directory as the python.exe, but I don’t think thats the problem.

I’d appreciate any solutions to this issue.



About custom boards, you can share your target in GitHub - ARMmbed/stm32customtargets: Enable the support of your custom boards in mbed-os 6

About custom_targets.json, I didn’t try, but I think pyocd needs a correct device_name that matches name in the CMSIS pack, so maybe use ```
“device_name”: “STM32F405RGTx”